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Most video marking services have to be purchased before the sessions start. NoteClipper is free so you can use it to make video bookmarks before you decide if you want to spend anything to get clips.  If you want to view your clips in VID Clipper™, that’s also free. You only pay if you want to export clips with VID Clipper.

A new tool to manage notes & Video

Use NoteClipper with VID Clipper. You can merge your notes into your free VID Clipper project so you can see the video where you made the notes in NoteClipper.  Add more clips and edit the clips to length.  Then you can export clips from VID Clipper. NEW: Now you can load either DVDs or WMV video files into VID Clipper Projects.  

Use NoteClipper with other video software. Since you can export all your notes and timing information to Excel, you can find the video clips using other video players or editing programs.

Use standalone

Use with other video software

Use with VID Clipper™

NEW: for DVDs & WMVs


When you take notes during interviews you never know if you’ll need to find some video clips from the sessions. NoteClipper lets you  take organized notes during the sessions.  Then later you can use your NoteClips™ to find video clips in the recording of those interviews.  And that part is FREE.


Organized Notes

See video clips at notes

Export video clips at notes

Why just make Notes –

when you can make


Use NoteClipper as a standalone program. NoteClipper lets you organize your notes by project, by session, by topic and rating.  You can search your notes for keywords and phrases.  Even if you don’t think you’ll need to find video clips later, NoteClipper can make your note taking more organized and productive.  

How It Helps How It Helps Use NoteClipper w Other Video.pdf

Timing display for other video software requires NoteClipper registration after free trial period.

Download NoteClipper here.

Learn more about how to get your FREE version of VID Clipper at www.VIDclipper.com.


Editing and exporting requires unlock code.

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